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  • FATHOM XT SUBSEA226 black oil foamers, an alternative to traditional water-based foamers, have extended the conditions in which foamers can work. This advanced chemistry foamer

    • is applicable in 25 to 40 API gravity crude oil (0.904 to 0.826 SG) containing up to 60% water;
    • assists crude oil unloading, extending the foamer operating envelope and achieving a smoother production profile;
    • reduces costs;
    • maximizes oil and gas production;
    • increases well run times.

    As oil and gas wells mature, they experience a reduction in bottomhole pressure and an increase in hydrostatic pressure, which reduces production faster than the natural decline curve. This condition leads to liquid-loading in the tubing and flowline, which can lead to slugging.

    FATHOM XT SUBSEA226 can reduce liquid loading and slugging, which reduces shut-in time and increases production time, production rate, and artificial lift performance. It is also not as capital-intensive as other artificial lift methods, is quicker to deploy, and can bridge gaps between production decline and implementation of artificial lift. This first-of-its-kind foamer is effective at lower gas/oil ratios, stable in a wide temperature range, and extends the life of the well.

    This unique, unrivalled foamer develops foam in crude oil. Assisting in crude oil unloading and extending the foamer operating envelope, FATHOM XT SUBSEA226 can be used in existing umbilical and capillary strings, delivering a cost-effective solution.

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