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Chemical Automation Services

Chemical Automation Services

Improve chemical service efficiency using automated solutions

BHGE remote chemical automation services deliver sustainable benefits including reduced travel time; resource conservation, and smaller carbon footprint.

  • Our SENTRYNET™ chemical automation and tank monitoring services maximize production and increase process efficiency without human interaction.

    Our chemical pump controller makes accurate and efficient use of your production chemical requirements. Our patented technology senses when well conditions change, such as pressure or pump fatigue, and automatically adjusts the chemical feed rate to achieve your true production needs.

    Wireless tank level monitors are an integral part of our production chemical services. They accurately measure chemical tank usage and product availability using various wireless communication and sensor technology.

    Our multiple sensor and data communication technology ensure tank data can be viewed remotely from any secure Internet connection.

    These systems offer accurate data monitoring that optimizes production, lowers cost, increases staff efficiency, reduces HSE exposure, and facilitates the digital oilfield.

    For more information about our SENTRYNET chemical automation and tank monitoring services, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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