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Aquaness Chemicals

Aquaness Chemicals

Chemicals for your oil and gas production needs

Aquaness™ chemicals provide products as a wholesale offering with a majority of the products focused on oil and gas production, including:

  • Chemicals for drilling and well stimulation
  • Intermediates for finished goods
  • Custom manufactured products

  • Well Stimulation

    Aquaness offers a variety of well stimulation products that help enhance oil recovery and improve efficiency. These products are primarily used by pumping service companies during acidizing and fracturing operations.


    Intermediates are also available for blending and re-formulating to develop various finished products. These finished goods are then sold to the end user to help improve production rates, enhance flow assurance, and protect against bacteria and corrosion.

    Custom Manufacturing

    When needed, Aquaness can manufacture products to meet required specifications for unique applications. Some of these include intermediates for the mining industry, additives used in acrylics, and cleaners for nuclear power plant operations.

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