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Ajax Integral Engine Compressors

Ajax Integral Engine Compressors

Simplicity, durability & enduring value

For more than 50 years, customers in the oil and gas industry have relied on the Ajax Integral Reciprocating compressors for their reliable and robust service. The two-stroke design of the Ajax integral engine-compressors delivers user-friendly simplicity and long-term efficiency while helping the customer meet stringent environmental requirements. Ajax is a compressor solution that is as close to worry-free as any compressor product in the industry.

Ajax compressors offer quality, dependability, and unbeatable performance

  • With their simple design, Ajax integral reciprocating compressors are an ideal chose for gas gathering, gas transmission, storage, gas re-injection, Gas processing, propane processing, helium processing, coal bed methane processing, and fuel gas boosting applications.

    Our design delivers a lower overall operating and maintenance costs while helping to meet strict environmental requirements.

    Ajax is available as a pre-engineered and prepackaged unit or can be packaged by one of our rigorously certified global packaging partners. Ajax integrals are backed by the global engineering and manufacturing strength of BHGE and an extensive domestic and international distribution network.

    Our ajax integral engine compressors have a variety of advantages including:

    • Reliability – Proven two-stroke design ensures reliable operation
    • Availability – 98% or better availability providing increased revenue and production time when properly maintained and operated
    • Operating Efficiency – Integral net compression efficiency is greater
    • Fuel Flexibility – Ability to operating using a wide variety of fuel gases, including sour gas up to 3.0 mo%
    • Ease of installation and mobility – Plug-and-play flexibility combined with the ability to relocate based on field life
    • Low total cost of ownership – Lower overall operating costs due to fewer parts, slower speed and proven design
    • Services including field service, replacement parts & exchange, reconditioning, retrofits and upgrades, unit exchange

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