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Downhole Reciprocating Pumps and Services

Downhole Reciprocating Pumps and Services

Innovative reciprocating downhole pumps for peak performance

  • We design and manufacture API and specialty pumps that excel in a variety of well scenarios, including the most extreme conditions. Innovative production processes, rigorous quality control, and advanced software help us deliver the best in design, reliability, optimization, and troubleshooting. We support our solutions with experienced technical personnel and reliable local services from a global network of facilities.

    Specialty products

    Choose from a variety of materials, sizes, and accessories to customize a pump that matches your individual downhole needs. Among our offerings are:

    • Big bore pumps: Our solution for thermal recovery or large-volume, heavy-oil production
    • Gas compressor pumps: Pumps wells with high gas-to-oil ratios that have often been difficult to produce with other types of artificial lift systems
    • Scale pumps: An economical solution for combatting scale and gypsum in low-producing or marginal wells.
    • Frac pumps: Handles hard-to-manage abrasives such as frac sand, formation sand, and formation fines

    Superior manufacturing techniques

    With our in-house state-of-the-art chrome plating facility, we use the latest techniques to produce a hard, smooth, and corrosion-resistant inner coating that lets our pump barrels run where chrome-plated products have traditionally had limited success.

    We use proven spray welding techniques for plungers, polish rods, and valve rods that yield a dense and nonpermeable coating with minimum porosity for superior corrosion resistance and wearability.

    Parts and accessories

    We specialize in parts and accessories that can be installed in your pump system to improve performance including, a variety of plungers, cages, fittings, top seals, hold-down assemblies, top check valves, bottom discharge valve, on/off tools, and more.

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