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  • Progressing cavity pumping systems, also called PCP systems, offer artificial lift with low capital investment, high system efficiency, low power consumption, and minimal footprint. PCP systems have the capacity to pump oils of varying viscositiesas well as waterwith varying percentages of solids.

    We offer two lines of efficient PCP systems to reduce your operating expenses and increase your oil well pump uptime: electrical submersible progressing cavity pumping (ESPCP) systems and rod-driven progressing cavity pumping (RDPCP) systems. Both are engineered for long run life.

    The combination of progressing cavity pump design and our high-grade construction materials make our systems suitable for a wide range of applications including low-volume wells, gaseous conditions, coalbed methane and coal seam gas dewatering, and other harsh downhole conditions. Our PCPs also reduce problems associated with emulsions in your produced fluids due to the low shear forces within the pump.

    In addition, our PCP solutions:

    • Handle a wide range of fluids from water and light oils to highly abrasive heavy oil
    • Use superior wear coatings on rotors utilizing high-quality chrome plating as well as chrome alternatives
    • Include a wide range of models for various flow rates, pumping depths, and well conditions
    • Feature innovative custom designs
    • Include in-house tooling design and complete production sequence utilizing innovative quality assurance, state-of-the-art process controls, and final testing


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