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  • Injecting gas into the produced flow stream reduces fluid density so the bottomhole pressure will once again lift fluids to the production facility. We supply reliable, low-cost gas lift systems that extend well life and improve the economics of well development.

    We provide a full range of gas lift valves, side pocket mandrels, and tools, including wireline retrievable products, tubing retrievable products, and special application products. Our gas lift products are tested to the highest standards to ensure reliable performance and a long life in higher pressures and harsh well environments.

    Every project begins with a full well analysis and modeling to design a solution that reduces operating costs. Once designed and installed by our gas lift experts, we offer ongoing support, including a field optimization plan, service, and technical support. 

    Our experience and expertise in designing, running, and troubleshooting provide the most efficient gas lift solutions to maximize production. In addition, we provide complete system design and classroom and field training, enabling customers to increase their knowledge of the gas lift process in order to maximize production.

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