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ESP/PCP Tubing Drain Valves

ESP/PCP Tubing Drain Valves

Effectively safeguard your pumps - and your revenue

Effectively safeguard electrical submersible pump (ESP) and progressing cavity pump (PCP) equipment from costly damage or blockage caused by descending solids, while unlocking additional revenue by releasing unrestricted natural flow to surface when the pump is not in use.

Delivering reliable pump protection whilst maximising system output

  • Sand, coal fines and other suspended solids descending into ESPs and PCPs following shut down can result in a complete loss of production, with the pump unable to restart due to blockage along with risk of equipment damage.  Systems then require pulling in order to be released and resume production.  The associated downtime, cost of deferred production whilst awaiting hoist attendance and time needed to repair, pull, clean and re-run the entire completion adds significant cost.  In addition, artificially lifted wells with the capability to free flow to surface experience restriction, pressure drops and pump damage as fluid passes through the non-operational pump, resulting in loss of production and risk of damage.

    Zenith Tubing Drain Valves (TDVs) are installed above the pump to deliver reliable protection, preventing sand and debris descending into the pump on shut down.  Annular flow ports automatically and instantly open when the pump is switched off, allowing the tubing column to drain directly into the annulus, protecting against damage. Any natural flow to surface is rerouted around the non operational pump. On pump start up, annular ports pilot to the closed position.  Production flows to the tubing with the unique Zenith valve mechanism preventing recirculation, a common issue for alternative valves.

    A reliable, designed for purpose solids management system. Addressing the failings of alternative ESP and PCP system valves, with immediate auto- closure, easy-open, prevention of recirculation and ability to backflush or bull head through the valve, Zenith TDVs offer an efficient solution for comprehensive protection of artificial lift pumping systems.

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