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Dual ESP and Specialist Completion Systems

Dual ESP and Specialist Completion Systems

Overcome ESP deployment constraints

  • Production from wells with a single electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system can be limited by a number of factors including the amount of horsepower attainable downhole, the maximum available ESP flow rate, high workover costs, casing corrosion considerations, and limited control over production zones.

    Each of our specialist completion systems is designed to suit specific operator requirements based on their well parameters and production objectives, addressing constraints that can occur with standard ESP deployment.

    Our systems help reduce downtime and lifetime intervention costs, increase draw down in constrained well geometries, and improve zone management and contributions.

    We offer a variety of completion systems to overcome single ESP limiting factors, including:

    • Casing protection ESP systems (POD and CAN systems) to address casing integrity and corrosive fluid issues
    • Parallel ESP systems for wells with high productivity indexes and high potential rates
    • Dual back-up ESP systems for wells with high workover costs or difficult access
    • Dual boost ESP systems for wells with lower productivity index values that require a large draw down to combat high back pressure

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