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HPump Surface Pumping Systems

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Extend run life with simple design and rugged construction

HPump™ horizontal surface pumping systems (SPS) offer longer run life and lower maintenance costs than positive displacement and progressive cavity pumps. Short lead times enable you to react quicker and save time when scaling up or down as needs change. Regardless of the application—upstream, midstream, or industrial—HPump surface pumping systems help you control fluid transfer costs and protect the environment.

Based on our oilfield-rugged CENtrilift™ electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system design, HPump systems out-produce less powerful pumps. This energy-efficient technology can be your best choice for any job involving fluid transfer, fluid injection, and pressure boosting.

HPump systems combine a multistage centrifugal pump, a thrust chamber, and an efficient electrical motor in a single sturdy skid. Our customers have reported 65% to 88% maintenance cost reductions with this simple design.

The system's simplicity also speeds up manufacturing. After you place an order, our short lead time means you'll receive your surface pumping system in weeks, not months.

The rugged design is especially suited for installation in unsheltered, unforgiving environments. It can handle hot and cold conditions, hot fluid temperatures, and solids up to 100 ppm.

HPump systems are designed to scale up or down depending on your needs. You can easily upgrade and replace what you need with off-the-shelf components, cutting downtime and maintenance costs dramatically. And if you need additional flow, combining multiple HPump systems offers even greater flexibility.

Go with an environmentally sensitive fluid transfer solution

The mechanical seal between system components reduces the chance for fluid leaks, and the efficient motor and pump offer quiet operation. This makes it easier for you to specify an HPump system for urban areas and other environmentally sensitive locations where emissions and noise may be a problem. 

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HPump Surface Pumping Systems

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