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Gas Handling Pumps

Gas Handling Pumps

Determine the best gas management solution for your application

  • To maximize run life in your well and increase production, our suite of gas handling pumps can help you determine the best gas management product for your application—and provide a high gas-to-oil ratio capability to reduce pump downtime. Our portfolio includes:

    ACE PLUS multiphase pumps

    The industry’s first and patented helical axial gas handling pump–the ACE PLUS™ multiphase pump–handles gas volume fractions (GVF) >75% and at intake pressures as low as 50 psi. Specially designed to support highly abrasive and SAGD applications, the ACE PLUS pump’s ability to handle a wide operating flow range efficiently makes it ideal to be run in unconventional (shale) applications. These pumps are available in 400 and 538 series.

    MVP gas handling pumps

    The MVP™ multiphase pump enables continuous operation of ESP systems in extreme gas conditions by reducing the tendency for underload shutdowns due to gas interference in the pump. This patented pump technology is capable of handling more than 75% free gas, and performs in SAGD and abrasive environments. It is available in 300, 400, 538, 562, 800, and 1025 series.

    MVPER gas handling pumps

    Innovative bearing design for bilateral thrust protection in the MVPER extended-range multiphase gas handling pump gives it an operating range of 50 to 2,500 B/D. The MVPER pump is suitable for both conventional and unconventional producer wells with free gas up to 75% and with a steep decline curve.

    GI gas insurance boost pumps

    Available in 300, 400, and 538 series, GI™ (gas insurance) boost pumps handle free gas volume >60% in low net positive suction head environments. The vane angles and movement reduces shock applied to the fluid and diminishes pressure drop, keeping the gas in solution and preventing gas locking.

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