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Magnefficient Permanent Magnet Motor

Increase ESP system efficiency while ensuring reliable operations

The Magnefficient™ permanent magnet motor (PMM) significantly improves efficiency by lowering ESP system energy consumption, allowing you to do more with less. This technology eliminates induction losses, lowering system power consumption by 20% and reducing motor power loss by 50%. With lower idle amps, the PMM enables better control at lower loads than traditional induction motors.

Improve reliability while saving time and cost

The PMM delivers a higher power density, enabling you to achieve a higher horsepower with the same motor, or the same horsepower with a smaller motor. More power per length eliminates the need for tandem connections, which improves reliability and allows for quicker installation, saving additional time and cost. This also enables the ESP system to be set deeper in the well, closer to producing zones for maximum production in deviated wellbores.

Additionally, the Magnefficient PMM maintains a more constant power factor and efficiency rating over a larger load range compared to induction motor technology. This helps reduce cable power losses, or when applicable, allows you to use a smaller cable to save additional costs.

Advantages of the Magnefficient permanent magnet motor include:

  • Lowers system power consumption by 20%
  • Reduces motor power loss up to 67%
  • Improves reliability by eliminating the need for tandem motor connections
  • Enables quicker installation with shorter system, reducing NPT and costs
  • Expands operational flexibility by getting closer to producing zones in deviated wellbores
  • Reduces cable power losses by 25%
  • Delivers superior reliability with rigorous design process and quality assurance
  • Offers first-class operational excellence with industry-leading supply chain and technical support

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