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TransCoil Rigless-Deployed Coiled Tubing ESP System

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Eliminate costs, failures with proprietary power cable design

Installing an electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system is one of the best ways to increase production and boost recovery. But, waiting on a rig to install and retrieve ESP systems is frustrating. So is paying for rig time.

The TransCoil™ rigless-deployed electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system delivers all the production and reserve recovery enhancements of a traditional ESP while eliminating the need for a rig during installation. With this innovative alternative-deployed ESP you don’t have to kill the well, saving time and money while drastically reducing risk. And using a rigless-deployed ESP lets you leave the production tubing in existing wells during installation.

But eliminating the rig is just half the battle. By connecting an inverted ESP system directly to the power cable, the TransCoil system eliminates the power cable-to-motor connection and an in-well electrical connection, removing the weakest link in ESP systems.

The innovative power cable design enhances the reliability of the deployment string compared to coiled tubing-deployed ESPs that simply pull the power cable through the coiled tubing. Extensive fatigue testing and thermal growth analysis were conducted at the Baker Hughes Coiled Tubing Research and Engineering Center to enhance materials selection and system design. The TransCoil system cable design also extends the operating range to 12,000 ft compared to traditional coiled tubing-deployed ESP systems, which are limited to approximately 7,000 ft because, at greater depths, the weight of the power cable will cause it to collapse inside the coiled tubing, creating an electrical failure.

No wait—Use a rigless-deployed ESP system to save time and money.

No waste—Recover offshore oil you might otherwise abandon due to high intervention costs.

No worries—Dramatically increase reliability while reducing HSE risk.

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TransCoil Rigless-Deployed Coiled Tubing ESP System

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