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Improve production and ultimate recovery by turning up the heat

  • ESP systems are ideal for thermal recovery, like SAGD operations, because they handle higher production rates—allowing operators to improve cash flow and accelerate payback from these high-cost projects. However, the extreme temperatures typical in thermal recovery methods require ESP systems specifically designed to withstand the conditions.

    BHGE CENtigrade™ elevated temperature production systems are specially designed and tested to reduce the number of costly workovers and deferred production by improving reliability and extending system run life in thermal recovery applications. Plus, reducing down time minimizes the risk of the steam chamber cooling, which requires costly additional steaming.

    And, by expanding the temperature tolerances of the ESP system, you can increase production and ultimate reserve recovery. BHGE is the first company to introduce a system rated to 275°C bottomhole temperature. The innovative system design reduces thermal stresses on the internal components for better reliability.

    But, there’s an even bigger opportunity. Stranded reserves between steam chambers can be captured with our CENtigrade infill well system designed for smaller wellbores and temperatures up to 230°C.

    BHGE is vertically aligned to provide thermal recovery operators a value-based solution that integrates ESP systems with inflow control devices and chemicals specifically designed to control scale, corrosion, and asphaltene build up in the production system.

    Contact BHGE to maximize recovery from your thermal recovery projects.


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