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Gas Separators

Gas Separators

Maximize performance and production in high-gas environments

  • Historically, multiphase fluid wells have proven challenging for ESP systems. We pioneered innovative technology to maximize production from wells with high free gas content with the GM™ series high-volume rotary and vortex gas separators.

    The GM series technology raises the total flow rate through the separator into the pump while improving separation efficiency. The redesigned intake incorporates our patented, high-angle vane auger (HAVA), and when combined with a completely redesigned discharge head, can improve overall efficiency and reliability. These unmatched designs are the key to enhanced gas handling—providing higher, two-phase fluid flow. The HAVA generates higher pressures, delivering more energy to push larger volumes of gas out into the well annulus, eliminating gas locking and extending the application range of ESP systems in multiphase fluid wells.

    The rotary gas separator enhances efficiency in lower to moderate flow rates, and in mild to moderately abrasive or viscous fluid applications. The vortex design is the best choice for moderate to severe, abrasive downhole conditions.

    Our gas separator portfolio also includes the 300 series (Slimline) niXit™ gas mitigation intakes (part of our Centrilift PASS™ slimline system);  and the Ace Plus™ multistage abrasion resistant gas separators, designed to withstand the damage that can result from exposure to abrasive fluids while maintaining industry-leading gas separator efficiency for sandy/abrasive ESP applications.

    Advantages of our systems include:

    • Higher separation efficiencies at higher production rates that extends ESP application range in high gas environments
    • Flow passageways optimized for maximum capacity and minimum wear – Increases production and extends run life
    • Abrasion-resistant carbide bearings and hardened wear surfaces for severe applications, which reduces downtime and lowers total cost of ESP system ownership
    • Increased shaft horsepower capability, expanding capabilities and reliability at very high flow rates
    • Corrosion-resistant metallurgy, which helps resist housing perforations caused by abrasive-laden fluids.

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