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Electrospeed Advantage Variable Speed Drive

Electrospeed Advantage Variable Speed Drive

Optimize ESP operations and boost system reliability

  • The Electrospeed Advantage™ variable speed drive (VSD) is designed to solve the most common daily ESP problems including, gas locking, difficulty starting, power consumption, and power sags. Control system software reduces power and downtime costs while optimizing production.

    Applications include:

    • ESPs, PCPs, and surface pumps
    • Geothermal, SAGD, and other elevated-temperature applications
    • Arctic, tropical, and desert conditions
    • Shale plays with challenging production profiles

    Software systems reduce power and downtime costs

    Intelligent production software within the drive offers specific solutions to recurring ESP problems:

    • MaxRate™ software clears gas lock situations and manages draw down for reduced negative impact on production zones. This allows the well to produce longer, increasing ESP system up time and reliability.
    • MaxStart™ software delivers best-in-class starting capabilities.
    • Real-time cable compensation calculates the appropriate surface voltage (at the output of the VSD) based on changing loads, dynamically. This ensures that proper motor voltage is applied at all times for the most efficient operation.
    • Backspin detection and restart accurately monitors torque and generated frequency. This lets the drive sense a back-spinning pump and restart the system when torque levels are safe. With this patented software, wells are on line faster, increasing production.
    • Power monitoring. With optional current transformers and potential transformers, the drive includes power monitoring functions such as instantaneous kW, power factor, efficiency, and kW-hours. These features help you monitor the energy used in producing fluids to optimize expenses.

    The Electrospeed Advantage VSD’s plug-and-play compatibility with downhole sensors enables a holistic view of downhole and surface conditions. Our monitoring and automation service seamlessly connects to deliver data from the wellsite for a powerful decision-making tool in your office.

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