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microDRIVE Variable Speed Drive

microDRIVE Variable Speed Drive

Maximizes uptime for low-horsepower, low-flow systems

  • A variable speed drive (VSD) maximizes production by adapting to the changing conditions of the downhole production environment. It provides a critical advantage over constant speed controllers by allowing operators to adapt the operation of the system to meet the dynamics of the reservoir.

    The microDRIVE™ variable speed drive is specifically designed for low-horsepower and low-flow electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems, progressing cavity pumping (PCP) systems, ESP systems for low-flow wells, and low-horsepower HPump horizontal surface pumping systems.

    The microDRIVE VSD provides maximized uptime in a small and economical oilfield-ready design and offers production enhancements with fixed-speed-drive economics.

    The microDRIVE VSD offers many of the same benefits of larger VSDs but in a small, economical enclosure that’s easy to install. It incorporates innovative software and electronics to maximize uptime and production levels. All of our VSDs withstand the rigors of the oil field and set the industry benchmark for excellence in surface and downhole pumping systems.

    User-friendly GCS logs and communicates data

    The graphic control system (GCS) provides a user-friendly interface that logs and communicates data from the VSD and any downhole gauge to a laptop or SCADA, or directly with our ProductionLink™ ESP monitoring services. Standard enclosure is National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association NEMA 4-rated for superior protection of sensitive electronic devices in outdoor installations.

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