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Zenith E-Series ESP Gauges

Optimize uptime, run life, pump performance, and oil production while protecting the lift system and reducing operating costs

The absence of accurate, reliable data in any artificial lift operation creates significant operational risks and may inhibit wells from producing at optimal rates. Lack of information leads to improperly sized ESP systems and operators oblivious to problems until they observe a decline in production rates or the artificial lift system fails. Common environmental challenges of mature wells, increasingly harsh operating environments, and widespread cost control mean that knowledge of downhole conditions is critical to enhanced performance and well productivity.

A continuous stream of valuable well and pump condition data is critical for effective well management. Zenith™ E-Series gauges for ESP wells are available in multiple specifications to suit the individual application and are designed to provide continuous and reliable pressure and temperature data from low-production wells, adding discharge pressure, motor winding temperature, and vibration to enable full well analyses in more prolific operations. Intelligent options combine multiparameter gauges with intelligent surface equipment to provide valuable data for well analyses including advanced parameters.

Cutting-edge technology options such as motor diagnostics and downhole water cut enable accurate electrical performance monitoring and direct, live measurement of downhole water content from a standard ESP gauge. A suite of gauge options is also available to ensure reliable operation in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. Ask your BHGE representative for further details.

A reliable well surveillance system empowers confidence in pushing the pump to achieve optimum output—safely. Knowledge gained from real-time, direct measurements enables operators to reach optimum output and to maximize performance while ensuring the pump is protected. With more than 12,000 systems installed globally, a heritage of reliability and engineering excellence plus compatibility with all ESP manufacturers’ equipment—standard or rigless-deployed—the Zenith E-Series ESP gauge provides a proven and dependable solution.

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