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Permanent downhole monitoring systems deliver pressure, temperature, and vibration data in downhole environments. This data is typically used to determine production performance and reservoir characteristics, and to control and optimize production rates with electric submersible pumping (ESP) systems and other artificial lift technologies.

Pressure, temperature, and vibration data with permanent downhole gauges

  • BHGE SureSENS™ permanent downhole monitoring systems support multiple monitoring devices on a single tubing encapsulated cable (TEC) and interface with surface, subsea infrastructures, or floating facilities. Extensive qualification programs and superior metrology specifications offer the capability of delivering highly accurate information for extended periods of time. Gauges feature proprietary and high-resolution quartz crystal design and have numerous configurations providing flexible solutions for applications such as HPHT, high-rate gas wells, and subsea environments.

    SureSENS SPTV Gauge System

    The SureSENS™ SPTV electronic permanent downhole monitoring system delivers critical data on wellbore pressure, temperature, and vibration—supporting efforts to increase ESP run life and optimize production. The SPTV gauge is compact and flexible, enabling gauge and pressure port configuration alterations without having to change the carrier. And it is designed to be combined with a total of 24 gauges per TEC for wells that need multiple-point and differential pressure measurements.

    SureSENS QPT ELITE Gauge System

    The SureSENS™ QPT ELITE gauge for permanent downhole installations measures static and dynamic pressures and temperatures while introducing a step change in reliability and accuracy. The ELITE electronics package provides superior reliability in demanding HP/HT temperatures and qualifies the gauge for operation at pressures up to 35,000 psi (2414 bar) and temperatures up to 437°F (225°C).

    Learn more about a specific permanent downhole gauge by viewing the documents located under Additional Resources.

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