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Lufkin Well Manager For Controller PCP Systems

Lufkin Well Manager For Controller PCP Systems

Effective, managed fluid production

The Lufkin Well Manager™ (LWM) Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) controller works in concert with a variable speed drive (VSD) to create effective, managed fluid production while protecting the pump.

Progressive Cavity Pump controller adjusts speed for fluid production

  • The patented control algorithm of BHGE’s Lufkin Well Manager™ for Progressing Cavity Pumps varies the pump speed while measuring the amount of fluid produced by the pump. The controller ramps up the pump speed in user-defined steps, with production rates measured at every step to establish a speed-to-production rate relationship. If an increase in speed doesn’t proportionally increase fluid production, the controller slows the speed by steps until desired fluid production is achieved. The control algorithm continues testing the production rate by repeating the speed increase/decrease sequence.

    Secondary control algorithms slow the pump in case the set point limits have been violated. If the monitored variable remains at an alarm condition when the programmed minimum speed is achieved, the controller will stop the well to prevent equipment damage.

    Adjust the speed to match reservoir conditions

    Historical records of the previous 1500 one-minute samples are maintained for process variables including production rate, speed output to the VSD, actual measured speed of the pump shaft, torque and power signals from the VSD.

    A rolling 60-day history of daily production totals is stored in the LWM PCP. The Lufkin Well Manager (WM) for Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCPs) uses a Modbus compliant communication protocol. It also offers the advantages of the Extended Lufkin Automation Modbus (ELAM) protocol to those SCADA software packages that go beyond the limitations of conventional Modbus. 

    All configuration, status and historical data can be easily accessed and managed at the local keypad interface or via a data telemetry link to SCADA software. The LWM PCP operates on the LWM hardware platform, reducing the number of spare parts to keep on hand, simplifying training, and giving you a single source for rod pump, injection well and progressing cavity pump automation.

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