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Sabio ProductionLink Artificial Lift Monitoring Solutions

Remotely control and optimize wells

Regardless of the artificial lift type, ongoing surveillance is critical to maximize production rates and avoid related workovers and failures. But manually monitoring individual wells across entire fields on a continuous basis—especially in remote locations—is a real challenge for field personnel.

Effectively and efficiently optimize production

Sabio™ ProductionLink™ artificial lift monitoring solutions provide real-time transmission and monitoring of artificial lift operational data to effectively and efficiently optimize production. Delivering an integrated field connectivity solution, BHGE brings wellsite data to the user through a secure web-based interface. Sabio ProductionLink solutions help operators minimize HSE risks (requiring fewer trips to the field), reduce well intervention costs and downtime, and maximize equipment run life.

The platform interface promotes communication and collaboration between engineers and operators with built-in, real-time diagnostics and analytical capabilities. This enables real-time decision making with data tables and data visualization, tracks operational changes, and allows users to quickly assign and resolve tasks.

Let BHGE production engineers optimize production for you

We also offer tiered services to further optimize production, with engineers making proactive changes to your wells.

  • Sabio ProductionLink XP monitoring solutions gives operators instant access to BHGE experts who can help monitor well health and make proactive changes to the well and its devices—detecting events when they occur, communicating needed issues, and providing appropriate recommendations.
  • Sabio ProductionLink 24/7 surveillance solutions deliver real-time decisioning support around the clock. No matter the time of day, a BHGE expert is monitoring downhole conditions and production system operations to resolve problems before they become critical.

Sabio ProductionLink artificial lift monitoring solutions help operators:

  • Quickly detect and respond to changing well conditions to maximize equipment run life and avoid potential failures
  • Reduce field personnel for day-to-day operations, minimizing HSE risks and overhead costs
  • Make remote decisioning in real time to continuously optimize production rates

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