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Spectral Gamma Ray Tool

Spectral Gamma Ray Tool

Measure naturally-occurring elements

The spectral gamma ray (SGR) tool measures the quantity of naturally occurring potassium (K), uranium (U), and thorium (Th) with a scintillation detector.

Measure naturally-occurring formation radioactivity

  • The SGR tool measures the naturally occurring radioactivity of the formation surrounding the tool and outputs the results as a gross gamma ray curve. By analysing the energy levels of the incoming gamma rays in a 256-channel spectrum, the tool provides the amount of potassium, uranium, and thorium contributing to the total gamma ray count. The results are used in clay volume calculations, clay type analysis, heavy mineral detection, and fracture detection.


    • Rugged construction: 300°F and 20 kpsi
    • Large scintillation detector improves sensitivity and efficiency
    • Spectrum peak alignment handled by software, does not contain a radioactive source
    • Fully compatible with Ultrawire* tools
    • Easy to transport: length less than 10 feet

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