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Corrosion Evaluation - Magnetic Thickness Tool

Corrosion Evaluation - Magnetic Thickness Tool

Detection and visualization

The Magnetic Thickness Tool (MTT) for corrosion evaluation and monitoring surveys variations in pipe metal thickness. It shows internal and external metal loss, detects pitting and gradual wall loss, and provides qualitative 3D images of well conditions.

MTT provides insight on piping and wall integrity

  • Depending upon the metal thickness of the casing wall through which it passes, an alternating emitted magnetic wave experiences differences in velocity and amplitude. These differences help detect and quantify variations such as pitting and metal loss. Data from BHGE’s Multi-finger Imaging Tool determines if the metal loss found by the MTT is internal or external. 

    3D images created on a computer screen can be enhanced with color schemes, meshes, arrows and numerical data to help you better understand the structure and condition of your well.

    MIT and MTT data automatically processed with WIPER software provides a joint-by-joint statistical analysis and creates a report summarizing the condition of pipe in the well.

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