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Corrosion Evaluation - Production Dual Caliper

Corrosion Evaluation - Production Dual Caliper

Maximize your wireline production operations

The Wireline Production Dual Caliper (PDC) is a leading technology used by customers to maximize their operations. It is used to identify casing deformation and areas of scale build-up and to correct spinner derived fluid volumes in varied hole sizes.

Measurements made simple with BHGE's Production Dual Caliper

  • Built on the heritage of Sondex™ technology, the Production Dual Caliper (PDC) assembly has a pair of caliper arm mechanisms set at 90° to each other for measuring the inside casing diameter in the X and Y axes. It is fully collapsible down to tool diameter for running into and pulling out of the hole.

    The caliper is spring loaded and follows tubing ID while running in hole. It opens fully on leaving the tubing to enter the casing. Each arm operates as an independent unit exerting a constant radial force in any casing diameter.

    BHGE's Production Dual Caliper provides a number of features and benefits, including:

    • Determination of X-Y diameters at 90°
    • Measuring of casing deformation and major corrosion
    • Detection of scale build up in casing and tubing
    • Correction of spinner derived fluid velocity for varying casing or open hole completion diameter
    • Identifying ID to correlate with changes in holdup patterns
    • Simultaneous Operation with other PL Tools
    • 1 3/16in UN 12tpi Sondex GO or other Heads
    • Springbow version for open hole completions
    • Combinable with other Ultrawire™ (UW) tools
    • Extended arms to increase range to suit customer request

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