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Corrosion Evaluation - Multifinger Imaging Tool

Corrosion Evaluation - Multifinger Imaging Tool

Detect surface condition changes with quality & reliability

BHGE's Wireline Multifinger Imaging Tool (MIT) detects very small changes to the internal surface condition of tubing or casing with a high degree of accuracy. Built on the heritage of the Sondex Wireline Multifinger caliper tool, the BHGE MIT offers quality and reliability that you can depend on.

Measure small changes in diameter with BHGE's Multifinger Imaging Tool

  • Part of BHGE's suite of Corrosion Evaluation & Monitoring solution, the downhole MIT has an array of hard surfaced fingers which measure very small changes in diameter. A range of tool sizes with 24, 40, or 60 fingers are available to suit different casing diameters. The tools may be run with extended length fingers to increase the measurement range.

    The MIT provides high resolution detail on the condition of downhole tubulars. WIVA software creates impressive 3D color images of the data while WIVA software provides a statistical analysis of the pipe.

    Tool deployment can be via slickline, electric line, coiled tubing or Downhole Tractors. In surface readout mode, a digital surface panel supplies power to the toolstring and decodes the telemetry signals received. In memory mode the tool is powered by batteries (for example to run on slickline), in this case the data is downloaded after the event.

    BHGE's Multifinger Imaging Tool provides a number of features and benefits, including:

    • Surface Read Out or Memory options
    • Combinable with other Ultrawire™ tools
    • 3D data analysis using WIVA software
    • Statistical analysis using WIPER software
    • Suitable for all well deviations
    • Extended finger lengths available (optional)
    • Simultaneous use with other PL tools

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