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Designed to solve your critical evaluation needs

  • No matter where you operate, you need equipment you can rely on. BHGE’s field-proven expertise and innovative technologies work together to deliver a range of downhole wireline logging equipment tough enough to perform in any environment. This portfolio of products helps you maximize visibility, improve efficiency, and reduce risk across your operations, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

    BHGE’s downhole wireline services provide the advanced formation evaluation, and production and reservoir monitoring you need to get a complete understanding of your operations. Our product line offers a comprehensive array of solutions, including innovative technology for open hole formation evaluation, well integrity, array production logging, tractor conveyance, ballistic perforating, and pipe recovery, as well as intuitive software, allowing you to visualize well data and optimize exploration and production in any application.

    BHGE's Wireline Logging evaluation equipment enables you to find and extract hydrocarbons safely and efficiently. Our standard and customized wireline logging products are built with high temperature electronics and robust mechanical instrumentation capable of withstanding extreme pressures, temperatures, and corrosive fluids. And with BHGE’s team of technical experts at your side, you can be confident you will get the operational visibility needed to improve reliability and optimize production.

    BHGE's Wireline Logging evaluation equipment has a number of advantages including:

    • Increase reliability, no matter the environment
    • Optimize production at a lower cost
    • Extend asset lifetime
    • Reduce downtime

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