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Wireline Swivels

Wireline Swivels

Maintain your electrical through connection

BHGE's Wireline Production Swivel Joint (PSJ) enables free rotation between the upper and lower head while maintaining an electrical through connection. This decouples the toolstring from the wireline so that the wireline can rotate freely releasing any torque that could otherwise build up.

Reliable electrical continuity

  • The reliable electrical continuity of both conductor and armour is maintained by low resistance rotating contacts making it ideal for high speed production logging telemetry. A sliding sleeve relieves internal pressure changes caused by well pressure or expansion of the internal oil due to rising temperature.

    The wireline swivel top and bottom sub-assemblies are linked by a shaft that is free to rotate on a set of bearings to accommodate both vertical and lateral forces. The unit is pressure balanced and oil-filled to prevent any increase in seal friction at high ambient pressures and temperatures.

    BHGE offers a range of wireline swivels to accommodate the most demanding downhole scenarios. 

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