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Wireline Sinker Bars

Wireline Sinker Bars

Overcome well pressure and surface friction

Wireline Sinker Bars are used to increase the weight of a wireline tool string in order to overcome well pressure and surface friction, allowing the toolstring to sink into the well. We offer a range of wireline sinker bars in a range of diameters, lengths, materials and connections, including slick-line sinker bars and e-line sinker bars with an electrical through connection.

Steel, lead, and tungsten-filled sinker bars

  • Different variations of sinker bars are available to align to meet your specific applications.  Building on the heritage of the Applied Electronics Systems (AES) line, BHGE offers solid steel, lead and tungsten-filled sinker bars. These bars are available in various lengths up to 7’ (2.13m) and in diameters from 5/8” (15.9mm) to 3-1/4” (79.4mm). All common connections are available and all tungsten bars have coated threads to prevent galling.

    The standard pressure rating is 21Kpsi (10 bar), however GE also offer 30Kpsi (14.4 bar) rated and over-the-line sinker bars for conditions when electrical connections may be at risk.

    Custom specified sinker bars are also available upon request.

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