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Multiple Array Production Suite

Multiple Array Production Suite

A new dimension to production potential

In deviated and horizontal wells conventional production logging tools are often inadequate to provide a comprehensive analysis of the downhole flowing conditions. Multiple Array Production Suite (MAPS) is a landmark innovation in well logging technology, adding an entirely new dimension to production potential. It enables the user to deploy multiple sensors to build a clearer and more accurate picture of the flow regime resulting in superior reservoir management in wells ranging from slightly deviated to horizontal.

MAPS Tool Suite

  • MAPS is a combination of tools that provides holdup data from the Resistance Array Tool (RAT) and fluid type from Capacitance Array Tool (CAT), and direction and speed of multi-phased flow from the Spinner Array Tool (SAT) measured around the wellbore.

    MAPS makes it possible to provide quantitative estimates of the volumetric flow rate of each phase with a much higher degree of confidence and thus provides vital information for reservoir management. The recorded data from MAPS can be loaded into MAPview software to create a real-time wellsite 3D image of the downhole velocity profile and phase distribution.

    Combining a Production Inclinometer Accelerometer (PIA) with the MAPS tools is recommended in order to provide an accurate measurement of deviation. Rotational Alignment Subs (RAS) are available to align the sensors.

    Our MAPview software shows how your well is performing by creating detailed 3D images of the flow regime with data from the MAPS tool suite.  Multiple Array Production Suite features and benefits include:

    • MAPS can be run with any of BHGE's Wireline Ultrawire tools
    • Detection of thin phase layers on the high or low side of a well
    • Through-tubing deployment
    • Slim tool OD has minimum possible effect on flow profile
    • Sensor orientation is determined by an internal relative bearing sensor
    • Logging is possible upwards, downwards and stationary
    • Operates in all inclinations from vertical to horizontal
    • Memory and real-time logging
    • Easy maintenance plug in sensors
    • No motors to deploy sensors giving increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs
    • Built on the heritage of the Sondex line of wireline products 

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