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Inline & Basket Spinners

Inline & Basket Spinners

Production logging from BHGE

In-Line Spinner Flowmeter (ILS) and the Diverter Basket Flowmeter tool (DBT) are part of BHGE's Production Logging suite of wireline technologies.

BHGE's In-Line Spinner & Diverter Basket Tool Flowmeter

  • In-Line Spinner (ILS) 

    The ILS is a compact flowmeter that can be run in combination with other Production Logging tools. The tool may be used in areas where fullbore spinners can be closed due to restricted diameters.

    The ILS allows for production profiling in tubing and casing within one logging run and is less susceptible to the effects of jetting (high velocity fluid entry from perforations) than a fullbore spinner. The ILS has a shroud that protects the spinner blade as the tool moves through well restrictions. A combination of ILS and CFB provides a continuous optimized flow profile.

    Diverter Basket Tool Flowmeter (DBT) 

    The Diverter Basket Flowmeter tool (DBT) provides accurate measurements of total flow rate in low multiphase flows in vertical or deviated wells at stations along the borehole. The basket effectively reduces the flow cross-sectional area, allowing measurements in very low fluid velocities. In multi-phase fluids, the tool minimises the segregation effects. For more accurate holdup measurements, a shroud may be fitted to the exit of the in-line spinner housing to redirect flow through a radioactive density tool.

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