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Gas Hold-Up Tool

Gas Hold-Up Tool

Full bore measurement of gas volume fraction

The Gas Hold-Up Tool (GHT) provides a full bore measurement of gas volume fraction, independent of flow regime or well deviation. The tool response is representative of the entire cross-section of the wellbore within the casing and is almost completely independent of salinity, water holdup, oil/water densities and material outside the casing.

Full bore measurement with BHGE's Gas Hold-Up Tool

  • The GHT emits low energy gamma rays from a small 3 milli Curie Cobalt-57 source inside the tool, the gamma rays undergo a variety of interactions with wellbore fluids surrounding the tool; these include back scattering, photoelectron absorption and Compton scattering. A sodium-iodide scintillation detector in the tool is positioned a short distance away from the source such that it will detect back scattered gamma rays. Less dense fluids, such as gas, produce less back scatter, hence detailed count rate is low in gas and high in liquids.

    The short source-detector spacing reduces statistical errors associated with gamma ray detection as a result of Compton Scattering or photo-electron absorption. Calibration checks are carried out in air and water to ensure the tool is reading correctly before running in hole.

    The tool is supplied with a shielded carrying case that alleviates the need for source insertion/removal.

    Gas Hold-Up Tool features include:

    • Multi-phase flow profiling
    • Fluid Identification
    • Bubble Point Determination
    • Gas Entry Detection
    • Combinable with other Ultrawire productlion logging tools
    • Surface readout or memory operation

    BHGE Gas Hold-Up Tool Optional Accessories:

    • Calibration jig (part number 07416)
    • Wellsite Verifier (part number 07415)

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