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Fluid Density Inertial

Fluid Density Inertial

Determine wellbore fluid mixture density

The Fluid Density Inertial (FDI001) tool uses the inertial response characteristics of a vibrating tuning fork to determine the density of the wellbore fluid mixture.

Achieve optimum quantitative results

  • The FDI tool is a non-radioactive method of determining density that unaffected by well deviation. The sensor comprises a stainless steel tuning fork that is vibrated near its natural frequency of operation by a piezoceramic stack and control electronics in the upper section of the tool. The frequency and amplitude of vibration are used to determine the actual density of the fluid surrounding the fork. Optimum quantitative results will be achieved in liquidliquid mixtures or in pure gas.

    BHGE's Fluid Density Inertial features include:

    • Production profiling
    • Fluid identification
    • Horizontal and highly deviated wells
    • High flow rates
    • Fully compatible with all Ultrawire* Production Logging Tools
    • Surface readout or memory operation
    • Non-radioactive
    • Shorter length ideal for offshore operations

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