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Wireline Memory Logging Solutions

Wireline Memory Logging Solutions

Data acquisition and storage

BHGE's Ultrawire Memory Logging Solutions acquire and store data from a string of logging sensors.

Wireline Memory Logging Solutions from BHGE

  • Ultrawire Memory Tool (UMT)

    BHGE's UMT records data from any combination of downhole instrumentation operating on the Ultrawire tool bus. Slickline, coil tubing, or PCL (pipe conveyed logging) are common conveyance methods for memory tools. The BHGE UMT offers a dual memory feature, for complete back-up, such that, in the unlikely event of one Memory chip failing, the data is written a second time and may still be retrieved.

    A laptop, Ultrawire Memory Unit (UMU), and Ultrawire memlog software program the UMT tool with a profile defining the data sample rates and time periods at which tool data will be recorded. Sample rates are variable for each logging tool and start and stop times are also programmable, allowing power and memory to be preserved. Downhole, the UMT controls the tool string and stores logged data against time in non-volatile flash memory. When the toolstring returns to surface, the UMT data is downloaded to the laptop. The logged data is merged with depth-time data from a Sondex Depth-Time Recorder (DTR) before being processed to industry standard depth-based log files.

    Features& Benefits of GE's UMT:

    • Logging without electric wireline
    • Production and Injection well profiling
    • Well Integrity surveys—casing and cement
    • Operates with any combination of Cased Hole Ultrawire tools
    • 1 GB memory - configured as 512 MB with 512 MB back up, or 1GB single memory

    Memory Battery Housing (MBH)

    The UMT is powered by a separate, high capacity Lithium battery pack in a battery holder, the MBH. The MBH houses battery packs that power the new generation of memory logging tools (UMT007 and UMT008). Several models are available for different battery sizes, allowing batteries to be selected to match operational requirements in the most economical way.

    The MBH houses either Sondex or Panex style battery packs. The standard Sondex pack of 5 lithium “C” cells is used in a holder with a one piece housing and top-sub. However the holder for alkaline cells uses an alternative top-sub and housing which allows longer packs to be used (e.g. 10 x “C”). The top-sub acts as the connection to the slickline cable and can be supplied with various fishing neck profiles. The bottom-sub screws directly into a tool memory section, usually creating time “zero” as the tool powers up. 

    Features & Benefits of the MBH 

    • Alternative housing lengths to take extended packs 
    • Standard connection is 5/8 in. sucker rod pin 
    • Changeable top sub fishing neck profile 
    • Upper head connection to slickline rope socket 
    • Lower thread connection to memory tools 
    • Connections supplied to individual customer requirements

    Battery Pack

    BHGE offers downhole battery packs as the power source for Memory Production Logging tools.   They are configured with either five or 10 cells in a thin-wall fiberglass tube, and can be supplied with different types of connections. Batteries are available with a maximum temperature of 150°C, 165°C, 180°C, and 200°C.  The higher the temperature rating, the lower the output current, espeically when the batteries are cold. Battery Packs should be used with the MBH. 

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