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SondeTrax-Wireline Tractor

SondeTrax-Wireline Tractor

Transport passenger tools into any well

SondeTrax is used to transport passenger tools into wells where standard wireline deployment is not possible.

The robust telemetry system for downhole data

  • SondeTrax is a 2.5” OD wireline deployed tractor system designed to push passenger logging tools into difficult well profiles. SondeTrax is low power DC tool that can drive both up and downhole in pipe sizes ranging from 2.75” ID tubing up to 9-5/8” OD casing.

    A robust telemetry system sends data from the downhole tractor sensors to the surface system and control software. This data is displayed in a simple format promoting full understanding of the tool progression throughout the tractor operation. The software also displays the surface cable data, Speed and Tension, giving the operator the full operational picture on one screen. The downhole data sent from the tractor consists of CCL, Head Tension, toolstring Speed/Depth, tractor Load, Drive Arm diameter and Tool temperature. The downhole master processor receives and acts on commands sent by the operator in real-time allowing full control of toolstring Speed, Drive Arm diameter and traction. A surface-controlled switch (within the electronics cartridge) isolates the tractor from its passenger tools and an over voltage protection system adds a further level of passenger toolstring safety during the tractor operation.

    The drive section of the tractor consists of two pairs of Drive Arms and wheels that have been designed to provide the maximum force to drive the tractor and passenger toolstring along the well. The Drive Arm diameter and deployment force (traction) are monitored by the operator and can be adjusted in real-time to optimise toolstring progression. The wheels are driven by a highly efficient electric motor resulting in a low power deployment system (600V, 1A typical). A mechanical fail-safe mechanism ensures the drive arms close automatically, enabling the toolstring to be retrieved from the well at any time.

    Addressable release tool(s), Addressable isolation switch, low friction four-arm Centralisers, knuckle Joints and tooljoint Adapters are tools specifically designed to configure the tractor to support a wide range of passenger toolstring configurations and requirements.

    SondeTrax has been developed with Logging while Tractoring (LWT) capability incorporating a “Cruise Control” feature to ensure flawless log data when operating the passenger and tractor toolstrings simultaneously.

    WEST software models the downhole forces and so can be used to plan tractor operations. The software can be used to identify many operational considerations such as optimum tractor configuration, the depth at which the tractor should be activated and to plot tractor and cable tension forces. WEST can be used both as part of the pre-job planning and real-time during the logging operation. WEST can overlay real-time data on the modelled data during an operation.

    SondeTrax-Wireline Tractor features include:

    • Helicopter transportable
    • Low cost alternative to coil tubing deployment
    • Logging while Tractoring capability (LWT)
    • Real-time control of Drive Arm diameter, wheel traction and speed
    • Single phase surface panel controlled by a laptop and dedicate software
    • Downhole sensors report Head Tension, Load/Speed/Depth, Drive Arm data, CCL and Tool Temperature
    • Low power (600V, 1A typical)
    • Bidirectional tractoring
    • WEST software models downhole forces and overlays real-time data

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