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Addressable Downhole Switch

Addressable Downhole Switch

Reliable protection from BHGE

One of BHGE's perforating systems tools, the Addressable Downhole Switch (ADS), is a downhole safety switch that offers reliable protection on hazardous ballistic operations. The ADS satisfies API RP67 for tractor conveyed explosives.

Your electro-mechanical downhole safety switch

  • The ADS electrically connects or isolates the toolstring beneath it, as instructed by the surface panel (ADSP). It provides a barrier to the accidental application of power to any tool located beneath it, and it can be integrated into a variety of toolstring configurations.

    The ADS is suitable for hazardous ballistic operations such as multi-party operations where the wireline cable may be passed between various service providers, or where high power devices, such as wireline tractors, are used to convey explosives. The ADS tool responds only to the coded signal from the surface panel (ADSP). When the command is sent, the mechanical isolating switch physically travels more than half an inch to connect or disconnect the electrical feed-through. The ADSP controls and monitors the position of the downhole switch in real-time, so the position of the switch is always measured, rather than assumed.

    In the standard configuration, both tractor and shooting power are routed downhole via the ADSP. The safety design in the ADSP prevents these power sources from being applied accidently.

    Addressable Downhole Switch from BHGE has many features, including:

    • Electro-mechanical downhole safety switch
    • Tolerant of a short circuit below the bottom sub to comply with API RP67 2nd Edition
    • Validated by an independent test agency
    • CE certified and qualified for shock and vibration
    • Enables tractor-conveyed ballistic operations
    • Isolator switch position monitored in real-time
    • Compatible with EBW, EFI and Red Det type detonators

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