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  • The BHGE Sabio™ Log from Anywhere Service enables a BHGE logging engineer in another location to be co-located with the customers’ specialists in their office, using the internet. This eliminates the need for experts to travel back and forth from the wellsite, reducing time, HSE risks, and costs. The service provides instant access to real-time log data for faster and more reliable decision making. It leverages the expertise of BHGE geoscience and petroleum engineers to ensure more precise evaluation of critical information.

    Acquire data efficiently from distant rigs and optimize SME time

    Using proprietary technology, the BHGE Log from Anywhere Service enables immediate data duplication in real time to one or multiple remote locations. The service enables the customer’s experts to stay in the office while supervising remote operations and controlling the logging operation. It minimizes the use of bandwidth for error-free data transmission and secure information. Customer engineers work together with BHGE data acquisitions specialists for rapid, efficient decision making, without the need to send experts back and forth to the wellsite.

    Benefits include:

    • Reduces HSE risk exposure by eliminating the need to mobilize to the wellsite.
    • Increases engineer efficiency due to less time traveling and more time for decision making.
    • Collaboration with BHGE logging experts and geoscience specialists enables more accurate and reliable real-time decisions.
    • Optimizes the logging operation by using the same experts for several sites simultaneously.

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