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Reservoir Characterization eXplorer (RCX) Sampling Service

Reservoir Characterization eXplorer (RCX) Sampling Service

Acquire critical data in extreme conditions

  • The RCX high-pressure, high-temperature (HP/HT) sampling service provides the highest quality data operators increasingly need to reliably assess the commercial value of assets, make informed decisions about strategy and design, and maximize ROI.

    Get accurate formation pressures and representative fluid samples in one run

    The RCX service delivers reliable formation testing and sampling at up to 395°F and 27,000 psi. Data gathered integrates with core data and open hole logs for early and robust petrophysical evaluations. RCX provides large-volume samples in one run to save time and reduces the need for pipe-conveyed deployment in high-angle wells to save costs.

    Applications include:

    • Extreme/hostile environments
    • High-pressure/high-temperature conditions
    • Highly overbalanced wells

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