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Find the right stimulation zones in your shale gas reservoirs

  • The BHGE Shale Gas Evaluation suite combines advanced formation evaluation technologies to deliver accurate, high-quality reservoir characterization information. This maximizes your gas production while reducing completion risk and operational cost. Our integrated suite delivers the right petrophysical approach toward characterizing your highly complex shale gas reservoirs. This enables you to identify the most productive zones and bring them online more efficiently.

    Our Shale Gas Evaluation suite comprises standard services like the Mini Slam and BHGE Spectralog™ services. It also incorporates our next-generation formation evaluation technologies:

    The BHGE Formation Lithology eXplorer™ (FLeX™) service acquires the geochemical log to characterize lithology and mineralogy of your shale gas reservoirs. Our FLeX service also quantifies the amount of kerogen from the direct measurement of carbon.

    The BHGE Rotary Sidewall Coring™ (RCOR™) tool acquires undamaged sidewall cores suitable for routine and special core analysis.

    BHGE STAR Imager™ (STAR™), Circumferential Borehole Imaging Log™ (CBIL™), and EARTH Imager™ (EI™) services deliver high-resolution borehole images. They work in either water-based or oil-based mud environments. These services differentiate between open and closed fractures and enable image correlation with the lithofacies determined through the FLeX service.

    The BHGE Cross-Multipole Array Acoustilog™ (XMAC™) service determines the geomechanical properties of the rock in conjunction with other logs.

    The BHGE MR eXplorer™ (MReX™) magnetic resonance well logging service delivers lithology/mineralogy-independent porosity and an alternative estimation of the kerogen amount.

    Our Shale Gas Evaluation suite offers a complete system of formation evaluation. This gives you the greatest amount of reservoir information from a custom-tailored logging program. By synthesizing our technologies, we empower you to lower completion cost and increase hydrocarbon production from complex shale gas reservoirs.

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