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3D eXplorer (3DeX) Service

3D eXplorer (3DeX) Service

Increase reserves and reduce uncertainty in complex reservoirs

  • The BHGE 3D eXplorer™ (3DeX™) multicomponent induction resistivity service reliably detects and measures resistivity anisotropy, structural dip, and azimuth. It uses data-processing technology based on patented multifrequency focusing that effectively reduces borehole effects. The 3DeX service directly measures data that allows computation of horizontal and vertical formation resistivity, independent of apparent dip.

    Reliable detection of resistivity anisotropy
    The 3DeX service differentiates productive from non-productive low-resistivity zones. This is achieved by detecting anisotropic formations and measuring horizontal and vertical formation resistivities independent of apparent dip. The 3DeX service reliably identifies thinly bedded and laminated sand-shale sequences and accurately determines water saturation and net-to-gross ratios in these environments.

    Decrease risk in complex and difficult reservoirs
    The 3DeX service uses advanced data processing to measure dip and azimuth in challenging borehole environments. This application becomes especially important in environments where dip meter and imaging devices experience problems.

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