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Nautilus Ultra Suite

Nautilus Ultra Suite

Get reliable formation evaluation in challenging ultra-HP/HT environments

  • The BHGE Nautilus Ultra™ suite of logging services is specifically tailored for reliable formation evaluation in challenging ultra-HP/HT environments. Our tools are rated for wireline logging operations at temperatures up to 500 deg. F [260 deg. C] and pressures up to 30,000 psi [206 Mpa].

    Our suite of Nautilus Ultra HP/HT services include:

    • array resistivity from high-definition induction log (Nautilus-HDIL™)
    • fullwave monopole and cross-dipole acoustic log (Nautilus-XMAC™)
    • spectral gamma ray data (Nautilus-DSL™)
    • formation bulk density and Porosity determination (Nautilus- CDL™)
    • compensated neutron porosity analysis (Nautilus-CN™)
    • cablehead tension, borehole temperature, and mud Resistivity sensor sub (Nautilus-TTRM™) borehole geometry from a three-arm caliper

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