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Magnetic Resonance eXplorer (MReX) Service

Magnetic Resonance eXplorer (MReX) Service

Reduce uncertainty and maximize recovery with high-quality openhole data

  • The BHGE MR eXplorer™ (MReX™) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) service acquires fast, high-quality openhole data in almost any environment. MReX data reduces uncertainty when evaluating your reservoirs and identifies hydrocarbon-bearing intervals to maximize your recovery.

    Optimize completion and production design

    Our MReX service makes significant contributions during formation evaluation, reservoir description, reserves determination, producibility estimation, fluids characterization, and completion design. MReX data also determines reservoir storage capacity, hydrocarbon volumes, and permeability. MReX data is integrated with conventional logs and is invaluable when characterizing your complex reservoirs. These include low-resistivity pay zones, heavy oils, and shale gas plays.

    Save rig time with more efficient operation

    Our MReX service logs faster than earlier generation NMR logging tools and acquires comprehensive datasets in a single logging pass. Since there is no need to conduct station stops for 2D NMR imaging, our MReX service saves valuable rig time. It can also be combined with our other formation evaluation services.

    Acquire higher quality data to meet logging objectives

    We developed an innovative Objective-Oriented Acquisition (OOA) system to ensure the success of your logging objectives. Each OOA is optimized to acquire the best quality data in the minimum amount of time. This greatly simplifies the planning and execution of MReX logging jobs, while reducing uncertainty in petrophysical interpretations.

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