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Acquire acoustic data in half the time

  • Acquire acoustic data in half the time

    The BHGE acoustic services cut rig-time costs in half; full-wave monopole, dipole, and cross-dipole data are acquired in a single pass.

    We offer the most reliable acoustic logging solutions for quantifying reservoir porosity, lithology, and fluid type. We also evaluate geomechanical rock properties and offer drilling and completion optimization.

    Precise measurements in unconsolidated structures, ruggedized for deviated wells

    The precision and dynamic range of our sensors ensure measurement quality remains uncompromised even in unconsolidated, low-velocity formations. Our acoustic services are also designed to withstand the rigors of a pipe-conveyed logging operation. This is a robust solution for acquiring data in highly deviated wellbores.

    Cross-Multipole Array Acoustilog F1 (XMAC F1) Service

    The BHGE Cross Multipole Array Acoustilog F1™ (XMAC F1) service acquires high-quality acoustic slowness measurements in slow and fast formations.

    Digital Acoustilog (DAL) Service

    Our Digital Acoustilog service acquires high-resolution, waveform acoustic data in open and cased holes. The instrument delivers acoustic-derived porosity in open holes and cement bond evaluations in cased holes.

    Waveform amplitude, slowness, and arrival time (delta t) processing of the raw data can be included in log analysis programs. It can evaluate fractures, sand production, and rock properties.

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