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UltrasonicXplorer Imaging Service

UltrasonicXplorer Imaging Service

Get high-resolution borehole acoustic images in difficult wellbores

  • The UltrasonicXplorer™ service provides high-resolution borehole acoustic images in difficult wellbore conditions, including oil-based muds and large boreholes. These images provide valuable insight for making drilling, completion, and production decisions at the wellsite.

    Using a rotating acoustic transducer operating in the pulse-echo mode, the UltrasonicXplorer service attains full 360° image coverage. The transducer scans the entire circumference of the borehole wall providing sharp images and boundary delineation.

    The instrument operates reliably in both water-based and oil-based muds. The lower operating frequency (250 kHz), along with downhole digital signal processing (DSP), allows for superior performance in larger boreholes and in highly attenuating muds when compared to other similar devices.

    Since the UltrasonicXplorer system is an acoustic device that does not require contact with the borehole wall, it is quite effective in horizontal wells. Its small size 3.625 in. (92 mm) allows for operation in slim holes, as well as large-diameter holes up to 16 in. (406 mm).

    The tool provides an acoustic amplitude image and a travel-time image. By calibrating the travel-time image, it is possible provide a high-resolution borehole shape.

    The UltrasonicXplorer service is combinable with BHGE STAR Imager™, EARTH Imager™, or GeoXplorer™ resistivity services to provide complementary measurements and allow a more complete evaluation of the formation.

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