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STAR Imager Service

STAR Imager Service

Acquire high-resolution resistivity formation images in conductive mud

  • The BHGE STAR ImagerTM service offers high-resolution resistivity formation images in conductive mud systems. STAR Imager data permits recognition of structural and sedimentary structures and represents a powerful basis for defining detailed reservoir geology. High-resolution resistivity images enhance reservoir evaluation in geological environments ranging from soft, thinly laminated clastics to highly complex carbonates. These images can be used for differentiation of fracture types, near-wellbore stress field determination, sedimentary facies, and depositional environment interpretation.

    The six-arm independently articulated carrier and powered standoff ensures optimal sensor-to-formation contact, even in highly deviated boreholes. Pads with 24 sensors are mounted on each of the six articulated arms. This results in a total of 144 microresistivity measurements with a vertical and azimuthal resolution of 0.2 in. [~5 mm].

    Identify geological and borehole features

    Our high-resolution borehole images identify geological and borehole features. These include planar features like bedding, fractures, and faults, along with stratigraphic features like crossbedding and ichnofabrics. The images also identify borehole wall features like breakout and drilling-induced fracturing.

    Combine with acoustic imaging for complementary analysis

    The STAR Imager service can be used alone or in combination with the BHGE Circumferential Borehole Imaging LogTM (CBILTM) service. Identified features are used to analyze structural dip, fracture systems, depositional environments, borehole stability, and net-pay in thinly bedded sequences. The design of the STAR Imager and CBIL instruments allows simultaneous acquisition of both image datasets. These instruments are fully combinable with our other wireline logging tools.

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