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EARTH Imager Service

EARTH Imager Service

Acquire high-resolution microresistivity images in oil-based mud systems

  • The BHGE EARTH Imager™ service delivers high-resolution microresistivity images in wells drilled with oil-based muds. It offers significantly improved vertical resolution and borehole coverage when compared to other available systems. The EARTH Imager service uses advanced electrical conductivity measurements in oil-based mud systems to record detailed features like fine laminations at a much greater resolution than previously possible in oil-based mud.

    Combine with acoustic imaging for powerful interpretation perspective

    Our EARTH Imager service allows simultaneous acquisition of high-resolution resistivity and acoustic borehole image data. This unique capability offers a powerful interpretation perspective based on two sets of complementary data. The EARTH Imager service incorporates a patented microresistivity imaging and focusing technique into a field-proven carrier mechanism.

    Our EARTH Imager service has an articulated six-arm carrier and powered standoff design is based on the highly successful BHGE STAR Imager™ instrument. This affords operators the unique ability to log images in horizontal, highly deviated, and rugose wells.


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