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SampleView Service

SampleView Service

Obtain real-time fluid type and contamination measurements

In addition to the BHGE Reservoir Characterization Instrument™ (RCI™) service, the SampleView™ service enables real-time determination of fluid type and monitoring of mud-filtrate contamination. The SampleView service, combined with precise flow control, captures single-phase, low-contamination samples. Precise flow control and contamination monitoring are key contributors to PVT sample quality.

Our SampleView service offers real-time, near-infrared spectra in 19 channels ranging from 400-2000 nm of the fluid pumped through the RCI tool. Two of the 19 channels are dedicated to methane peak detection and can be used for estimating gas/oil ratio (GOR).

In-depth information about downhole fluids

  • Our SampleView service delivers fluorescence spectra and continuous refractive index for salinity estimates. By monitoring these combined tool responses, reservoir fluid samples are collected with minimal contamination.

    High-quality samples are essential for making intelligent completion decisions and for conducting PVT analyses. Our real-time FTA Forecast™ software allows the engineer to calculate an estimation of sample purity at individual depths. A full-range selection of SampleView measurements can be used as input to the analysis. The software graphically displays the estimations of sample purity at any given depth.
    Refractive index
    Our SampleView service’s refractive index measurement identifies fluid types and contamination monitoring. This continuous measurement enables more accurate oil-based mud (OBM) filtrate contamination monitoring and detects the presence of gas. As the refractive index of various fluid types is significantly different, it’s easy to distinguish between gas, oil, and water. The refractive index measurement can also be used as an input in the FTA Forecast analysis.
    Fluorescence spectrometer
    Through the use of a downhole ultraviolet lamp, a measurement of hydrocarbon fluorescence is acquired over five different wavelengths. This measurement aids in the hydrocarbon typing process based upon fluorescence spectrum and differentiates between light crude oils and condensates.

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