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Reservoir Characterization eXplorer

Reservoir Characterization eXplorer

Acquire accurate pressure data and samples in HP/HT reservoirs

  • The BHGE Reservoir Characterization eXplorer™ (RCX™) service acquires pressure data and samples in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) reservoirs where conventional logging tools cannot operate. Acquire the critical information reliably to determine an asset’s commercial value, help to develop a recovery strategy, and make informed production facility decisions.

    You can receive the industry’s largest single-phase volume samples in one run, reducing time in hole with the most comprehensive fluid analysis. Our RCX formation testing and sampling service is rated to 27,000 psi [186 MPa] and 375 deg. F [191 deg. C] for 20 hours.

    The RCX tool, which has a titanium construction allowing enhanced combinability for improved wellsite efficiency, ensures H2S integrity in collected samples, even at low concentrations.

    The service offers repeatable, accurate pressure readings even in extreme overbalance conditions. Additionally, data are available for real-time job monitoring, enabling rapid operational decisions and faster data and report delivery.

    For more information about our RCX service, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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