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RCX Sentinel Focused Sampling Service

RCX Sentinel Focused Sampling Service

Get cleaner, safer formation fluid samples in less time

The RCX™ Sentinel focused sampling service delivers a cleaner formation fluid sample in less time than conventional fluid sampling methods. It allows reservoir engineers and petrophysicists to make more informed decisions about the reservoir and reduces rig time, costs, and risk. The single-phase service obtains large sample volumes and can obtain samples in high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) environments.

Uninterrupted sampling and reduced risk

  • The RCX Sentinel service uses a concentric pad design to isolate the contaminated fluid into a perimeter inlet and allow cleaner fluid to pass to an inner flow area. Two independently controlled pumps optimize the flow rates at the sand face and ensure that sample cleanup time is minimized.

    A multitank carrier allows for uninterrupted sampling that reduces the risk of contaminants entering the flow area due to pump interruptions, without the pressure disturbances that are inevitable with sequential operations. The ability to open and close tanks “on the fly” ensures that the pure fluid flow achieved by the RCX Sentinel service reaches the single-phase tank without contamination. The RCX Sentinel service multitank carrier increases the number of single-phase samples attainable in a single run from 28 to 52, one of the largest capacities in the industry.

    Fluid focusing can be maintained throughout sampling while continuously pumping.

    Contaminants are isolated into a perimeter inlet, and the cleanliness of fluid collected into a center inlet is ensured by the concentric arrangement of two separate fluid inlets that focus and isolate flow.

    Fluid flow rates into each inlet are optimized in real time by dual, individually controlled pumps to minimize sample cleanup time.

    RCX Sentinel Focused Sampling Service applications include:

    • Deepwater wells
    • HP/HT environments
    • Pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) sampling with minimal filtrate contamination

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