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RCX Sentinel Duo Focused Sampling Service

RCX Sentinel Duo Focused Sampling Service

Optimize fluid sampling for variable reservoirs in a single

The BHGE RCX™ Sentinel Duo focused sampling service provides cleaner, faster and safer formation fluid samples for variable reservoirs by configuring two RCX Sentinel™ focused sampling service packers that can be deployed in a single trip. It allows reservoir engineers and petrophysicists the flexibility to make more informed decisions about the reservoir and reduces rig time, costs, and risk.

Optimizes packers for variety of formations

  • The RCX Sentinel Duo service allows a variety of packers to be run that can be optimized for the formations that will be encountered. Because a single well can traverse a wide variety of formations, optimizing the packer for each formation expedites fluid clean up and sampling.

    Acquires focused fluid samples

    The service acquires focused fluid samples by controlling the relative pressures of the concentrically arranged fluid inlets. The pressure differentials are determined by accurately controlling the flow rate of fluids extracted from the formation.

    Maintains fluid focusing throughout sampling

    Uninterrupted sampling by the service’s multi-tank carrier reduces the risk of contaminants entering the flow area from pump interruptions and eliminates the pressure disturbances that are inevitable with sequential operations. The ability to open and close the tanks as needed ensures that the pure fluid flow achieved by the RCX Sentinel Duo service reaches the single-phase tank without contamination. The multi-tank carrier increases the number of single-phase samples attainable in a single run from 28 to 52.

    Provides samples in hostile and HP/HT environments

    The RCX Sentinel Duo service uses the Reservoir Characterization eXplorer™ (RCX™) service platform, which has a proven track record of reliable operations, including hostile and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) environments. The RCX Sentinel Duo service is deployable in wells with temperatures and pressures up to 395°F (191°C) and 25,000 psi (1724 bar).

    RCX Sentinel Duo Focused Sampling Service applications include:

    • Variable reservoirs
    • Hostile environments
    • Deepwater wells
    • HP/HT environments

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