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PhaseView X Horizontal Production Logging Service

PhaseView X Horizontal Production Logging Service

Evaluate production flow profiles accurately

The BHGE PhaseView™ X horizontal production logging service provides the most extensive slimhole diagnostic system for evaluating and understanding flow profiles in horizontal, highly deviated, and undulating wells. The service concurrently delivers high-resolution borehole fluid hold-up, flow rates, and formation saturation measurements required for production and reservoir management in complex wells.

  • The PhaseView X service simultaneously combines capacitance, resistance, and mechanical spinner array tools with the Reservoir Performance Monitor (RPM™) service. The array production logging services provide accurate layer-by-layer measurements that determine fluid type and velocity distributions across the borehole. Using an extensive database, the PhaseView X service delivers superior multi-phase analysis with measurements taken from array production logging sensors. The RPM’s Hydrolog™ service uses an oxygen-activation method to provide an independent measurement of water velocity.

    Enhanced production diagnostics

    A combined analysis of array production logging and pulsed-neutron measurements by the PhaseView X service provides a comprehensive understanding of flow profiles in horizontal, highly deviated, and undulating boreholes. The array production logging service characterizes the flow in the borehole. The RPM’s Pulsed Neutron Holdup Imager (PNHI™) and Hydrolog services identify holdup and water velocity measurements inside and outside the borehole. Collective analysis of these flow profiles delivers the flow characterization in the annular space.

    Comprehensive reservoir monitoring

    The RPM service is an advanced, slimhole, multi-detector, pulsed-neutron instrument, which can be configured for acquiring production or formation evaluation data. In formation evaluation mode, this versatile service provides carbon/oxygen (C/O) and pulsed-neutron capture (PNC) measurements to identify water saturation. It also delivers quantitative gas saturation using the GasView™ service, and multi-phase formation fluid saturation using the OilView™, FluidView™ and OmniView™ services.

    Efficient logging operations

    The PhaseView X service provides two independent measurements of the same flow by enabling simultaneous acquisition of array production logging service and the RPM service.

    A single pass operation optimizes the logging program, reducing the operation and rig time.

    PhaseView X Horizontal Production Logging Service applications include:

    • Horizontal, highly deviated, or undulating wells with two- or three-phase production
    • Openhole, cased-hole, gravel packs, or slotted-liners wells
    • Wells with challenging flow conditions, including heavy oil, emulsions, annular flow, or cement channel flow

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